We provide advice to medium-sized businesses, administrative bodies and non-profit-organisations when changing towards a digitally networked working environment. Our focus lies on the integration of social software and social intranet, to support knowledge exchange, cross-divisional cooperation and idea generation. Make your organisation more agile by curtailing the irksome flood of meetings and emails.

For these following organisations, AviloX is the ideal partner:

  • small takeoff companies/startups: maintaining the innovative power and flexibility when the first structures need to be set up
  • decentralized network or project organisations: simplifying communication, knowledge and  document transfer, across national and international locations
  • organisations with mobile business processes: boosting the efficiency and quality of mobile business processes through a better exchange of information, knowledge, and documents
  • organisations in change processes: Increasing transparency, participation and efficiency in change management processes through integration of web 2.0 technologies
  • organisations with high fluctuation: retaining knowledge even when employees leave (e.g. into retirement)
  • organisations with a high pressure to innovate: stimulating the trans-divisional generation and implementation of ideas

Overview of our services:

  • development of strategic goals for introducing networked working environments
  • identification of the use cases that are critical to success
  • development of indicators to benchmark your success
  • selection of a suitable software solution and monitoring of the technical implementation
  • monitoring the integration of the software into the business processes and workflows
  • supervising users during the redesign of their workflows and coaching in the usage of the collaboration software
  • shaping the cultural change including executives and employees, to make good use the potential that lies within digitally networked working environments
  • supervising the launch of knowledge management departments, and coaching employees how to successfully introduce knowledge management and collaboration throughout the company

With our holistic portfolio you can be sure that the transformation into a digitally networked working environment will be a success and that the investment will pay off strategically. No matter whether you already use collaborative technologies like SharePoint, IBM Connections or Jive, or whether you will launch them from scratch:  with us you will succeed in travelling the path of digital transformation and make a leap into the future.

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