Consultancy for Networked working Environments

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Who we are:

AviloX supports medium-sized businesses and non-profit organisations introducing digitally networked working environments.

The loss of knowledge, departmental thinking, lengthy meetings and email flooding will soon be a thing of the past. We help you recognize the opportunities which social software offers for efficient cooperation and meeting your strategic objectives. We will identify the software solution which suits you best and incorporate it into your knowledge-based workflows in a way that enables you to directly measure the benefit. At the same time we shape the change towards a viable cross-functional culture of cooperation, learning and innovation.

What you will achieve with us:

  • more efficient workflows without email floods and lengthy meetings
  • higher quality  problem solving and innovation processes by overcoming silo thinking and better identification of internal experts
  • simplifying mobile business processes and modern home office working styles through smart digital connections
  • protection against know-how loss due to the resignation of employees
  • boost effective learning throughout the working process
  • enhance the motivation and self-responsibility of your employees
  • maximize the attractiveness of your employer brand towards the generation Y

Are you interested in how we proceed exactly? Feel free to contact us! We would be pleased to talk with you in a first non-binding appointment about opportunities for action within the scope of your planned project.

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